Edward Talbott
Elizabeth Thomas
(Bef 1651-1726)
Edward Talbott [Jr.]
Elizabeth < >
(Abt 1681-1721)
Edward Talbott [III] of Talbott's Vineyard
(Abt 1711-After 1767)


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  • Born: Abt 1711, <Anne Arundel>, Maryland, (United States)
  • Died: After 1767, <Anne Arundel, Maryland>, (United States)

  Research Notes:

Possibly this Edward Talbott:

From The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland, p. 530:

"John Talbott, above, surveyed in 1732 'Talbott's Last Shift.' This is on the Patapsco, adjoining 'Moores Morning Choice,' 'Chews Vineyard' and Edward Dorsey's estate, near Columbia. It contained 1,120 acres. He sold it to Edward Talbott, Richard Talbott, Richard Galloway and George Ellicott.

"The Ellicott part was bought by Benjamin Dorsey, in 1741. Edward Talbot resurveyed his as 'Talbotts Vineyard' and increased it to 1,031 acres."


This is probably the Edward Talbot(t) in the following lists.

From Inhabitants of Baltimore County 1763-1774, pp. 13-16:


The following index was found in the Maryland Historical Society Library's Manuscript Division (MS. 1711) and, even though there is nothing to indicate what the purpose of the index, it was determined that those listed were Baltimore residents circa 1765. This determination was made from the compiler's familiarity with Baltimore families prior to the Revolution and also because this index was found with the remnants of a Baltimore Debt Book for 1765 and 1766. This is not an index to the debt book because the highest page number in the book is 109 while the highest page number in the index is 58. The index is, nonetheless, a 'finding list' for early Baltimore."
[Among those listed are:]

Nicholas Clagett
Nathan Dorsey
Leakin Dorsey
Joshua Lynch
William Lynch
John Merryman
Joseph Merryman
Samuel Merryman
John C. Owings.
James Richard
Christopher Randall & Bond
Larkin Randall
Ecan Thomas
Frederick Thomas
Edward Talbott
George Wells
John Wells
Joseph Wells
Thomas Wells
John Worthington
Thomas Worthington (Baltimore Town)
William Worthington
Charles Worthington

Ibid., pp. 16-23


Aquila Hall was High Sheriff of Baltimore County and after Harford County separated from Baltimore County in 1773 he was appointed Colonel of Militia and one of the Lord Justices of the new county of Harford from 1774 to 1779. While serving as Sheriff of Baltimore County he compiled a tax assessment ledger of 145 pages which named 1,380 persons, their land tracts, and their assessments... Its index contains the following names...

"William Cockey,... Joshua Cockey,... Edward Cockey,... John Hammond Dorsey,... Caleb Dorsey, Bazil Dorsey, Edward Dorsey,... Caleb Dorsey,... Richard Dorsey,...John Dorsey,...Samuel Owings,... John Owings, Joshua Owings,... Sarah Owings,... Stephen Owings,... Samuel Owings,... Elijah Owings,... Henry Owings,... Christopher Randell,... John Ridgley,... Charles Ridgley, Jr.,... Capt. John Stinchcombe,... Nathan Stinchcombe,... Edmund Talbott, Thomas Talbott,... Philip Thomas,... Edward Talbott,... Samuel Underwood,... Benjamin Wells,... James Wells,... William Wells, James Wells, Jr.,... Charles Wells,... Elex Wells..."

Ibid., pp. 27-41:


"The petitions for and against the removal of the county seat of Baltimore County from Joppa to Baltimore Town in 1768 are discussed at length in the Archives of Maryland, Vol. 61 (Appendix). Notices were posted in January, 1768 at the door of the courthouse in Joppa, at the church door of St. Paul's Parish, at the church door of St. Thomas' Parish, at the church door of St. John's Parish, at the church door of St. George's Parish, at the door of the chapel of St. George's Parish, at the door of the chapel of St. John's Parish, and at the house called St. Thomas' Chapel in St. Thomas' Parish, by Absalom Butler and sworn to before the Honorable Benjamin Rogers. Notices were printed in English and German. Tabulations indicate that 2,271 voted for the removal of the courthouse, and 901 voted against it. (It should be noted that some signatures are missing due to the disintegration of the paper, and there also appears to be some who signed more than once.) Five years later, Harford County separated from Baltimore County and set up its court house at Bush (Harford Town) in 1774 and at Bel Air in 1782.


"...Thomas Cockey...Joshua Owings...Charles Ridgely... Samuel Owings... John Cockey... Benjamin Wells, Charles Wells... George Wells... Caleb Warfield, Nathaniel Stinchcomb... William Coale...Christopher Randall, Jr.... J. Cockey Owings... William Wells, Jr.... William Wells...Edward Talbott... Edward Cockey... Benjamin Talbott... Charles Ridgely (son William)... Elisha Dorsey... Alexander Wells, Nathaniel Owings...Nathaniel Stinchcomb, Sr....Lott Owings... Anthony Arnold... Richard Owings... William Cockey... John Talbott (son Edward)... Richard Owings... William Slade... Edward Talbot... Vachel Dorsey... Christopher Owings, Richard Owings... Edward Dorsey (son John)... Lancelott Dorsey, Charles Dorsey (son Nathan), Ely Dorsey... Henry Dorsey...Samuel Dorsey, Jr.... Joshua Owings, Jr.... Samuel Owings... John Wells... Thomas Owings... Henry Butler... George Dorsey...


Greenbury Dorsey, Jr....William Wells..."

Ibid., pp. 50-54:


[Among households and garrisons(?) listed are:]
"... Cockey, John... Cockey, William... Cockey, Edward, Joshua Cockey; Negroes: Easter, Juday... Cockey, Thomas Sr.; Thomas Cockey;... Owings, Richard (of Stephen); Negro Jim... Owings, John Cockey;...Ridgley, Charles;... Ridgley, Charles, Captain at Northamton Qtr.;... Ridgley, Charles, Captain, and Company at the Northamton Fce.; Henry Howard; Benjamin Deaver; Caleb Warfield... Talbott, Edward; John Talbott; Benjamin Talbott; John Whethers; 4 negroes... Wells, Ann (widow); John Thomas Walker, Thomas; Negro Hannah...

  Noted events in his life were:

Inherited: One-third of "The Vineyard," jointly with his brother Richard, from his father, 3 Jul 1718, Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States). "The Vineyard" comprised 1000 acres in Baltimore County. One-third went to his mother, Elizabeth, during her lifetime; the other third went to his brother John.

Inherited: half of his mother's one-third of "The Vineyard," willed to her for her lifetime, 1721, Baltimore Co., Maryland, (United States).

Purchased: part of "Talbott's Last Shift" on the Patapsco from John Talbott, After 1732, Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States). Resurveyed and increased to 1,031 acres as "Talbott's Vineyard."

Purchased: land adjoining his portion of "Talbott's Last Shift" and called them "Talbott's Vineyard," After 1732, Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States).

Resurveyed: his portion of "Talbott's Last Shift" on the Patapsco and additional land, increasing it to 1,031 acres, After 1732, Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States). Called his property "Talbott's Vineyard."


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