Fj÷lnir King in Sweden [Mythological]
Sveig­ir Fj÷lnarsson King in Sweden [Mythological]
Vana of Vanaheim [Mythological]
Vanlandi Svegdasson King in Sweden [Mythological]


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1. Driva Snaersdotter [Mythological]

Vanlandi Svegdasson King in Sweden [Mythological] 1 2

  • Marriage (1): Driva Snaersdotter [Mythological]

   Another name for Vanlandi was Vanlande King of Sweden.

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Mythological Swedish king, of the House of Ynglings.

From Wikipedia - Vanlandi :

Vanlandi or Vanlande was a Swedish king at Uppsala of the House of Yngling in Norse mythology . He was the son of Sveig­ir whom he succeeded as king. He married a girl from Finnland (territories inhabited by Finno-Ugric peoples), but forgot about her. In revenge, the girl arranged so that Vanlandi was hag ridden to death. He was succeeded by his son Visbur .

Snorri Sturluson wrote of Vanlandi in his Ynglinga saga (1225) (note that the translator has rendered Finnland as Finland ):

Vanlande, Swegde's son, succeeded his father, and ruled over the Upsal domain . He was a great warrior, and went far around in different lands. Once he took up his winter abode in Finland with Snae the Old , and got his daughter Driva in marriage; but in spring he set out leaving Driva behind, and although he had promised to return within three years he did not come back for ten. Then Driva sent a message to the witch Huld ; and sent Visbur , her son by Vanlande, to Sweden . Driva bribed the witch- wife Huld, either that she should bewitch Vanlande to return to Finland, or kill him. When this witch-work was going on Vanlande was at Upsal , and a great desire came over him to go to Finland; but his friends and counsellors advised him against it, and said the witchcraft of the Finn people showed itself in this desire of his to go there. He then became very drowsy, and laid himself down to sleep; but when he had slept but a little while he cried out, saying that the Mara was treading upon him. His men hastened to him to help him; but when they took hold of his head she trod on his legs, and when they laid hold of his legs she pressed upon his head; and it was his death. The Swedes took his body and burnt it at a river called Skytaa, where a standing stone was raised over him.[2][3]

The Historia NorwegiŠ presents a Latin summary of Ynglingatal, older than Snorri's quotation:

He [Sveigde] sired Vanlande, who died in his sleep, suffocated by a goblin, one of the demonic species known in Norwegian as 'mare'. He was the father of Visbur, [...][7] The even earlier source ═slendingabˇk cites the line of descent in Ynglingatal and also gives Vanlandi as the successor of Sveg­ir and the predecessor of Visbur : v Sveg­ir. vi Vanlandi. vii Visburr. viii Dˇmaldr[8].

Vanlandi married Driva Snaersdotter [Mythological], daughter of Snaer Jokulsson King in Kvenland [Mythological] and Unknown. (Driva Snaersdotter [Mythological] was born in (Finland).)




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