Sir Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan 10th Earl of Arundel and Warenne
(Abt 1313-1376)
Eleanor of Lancaster
(Abt 1318-1372)
Sir William de Bohun K.G., 1st Earl of Northampton
(Abt 1311-1360)
Elizabeth de Badlesmere
(Abt 1313-1356)
Sir Richard FitzAlan 11th Earl of Arundel & 10th Earl of Surrey
Elizabeth de Bohun Countess of Arundel
(Abt 1350-1385)
Elizabeth FitzAlan d'Arundelle


Family Links

1. Sir William de Montacute
2. Sir Thomas de Mowbray 6th Lord Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk

3. Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham, Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor
4. Sir Gerard Usflete

Elizabeth FitzAlan d'Arundelle 1 2

  • Born: 8 Jul 1379, Derbyshire, England
  • Marriage (1): Sir William de Montacute
  • Marriage (2): Sir Thomas de Mowbray 6th Lord Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk in Jul 1384
  • Marriage (3): Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham, Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor before 19 Aug 1401
  • Marriage (4): Sir Gerard Usflete before 3 Jul 1414
  • Died: 8 Jul 1425, Hoveringham, England at age 46

   Another name for Elizabeth was Elizabeth D'Arundelle FitzAlan.

  Research Notes:

4rh wife of Sir Robert Goushill

Source: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700 by Frederick Lewis Weis and Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, ed. by William R. Beall & Kaleen E. Beall (Baltimore, 2008), Line 20-32

See also Wikipedia (Lady Elizabeth FitzAlan)

From the book Reifsnyder-Gillam Ancestry, edited by Thomas Allen Glenn (Philadelphia, 1902), provided by, p. 51-52:

"IV. LADY ELIZABETH FITZ ALAN, was born 1376, and died 8 Jul 1425. She married, first, before 1 December 1378, William de Montacute, son of William Earl of Salisbury, who died 6 August, 1383. She married, secondly, 1386, as his second wife, Thomas K. G. 7th Lord Mowbray Earl Marshall of England, 1st duke of Norfolk, and Earl of Nottingham, who died 22 September, 1399. She married, thirdly on or before the 1 September, 1401, Sir Robert Goushill, Knight, of Haveringham in the county of Nottingham, and Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor in Berbyshire. He had been Esquire to the duke of Norfolk her former husband. She married, fourthly, Sir Gerard Ufflete, Knight, of Wigmore, Yorkshire, but retained the title of Dowager Duchess of Norfolk until her death. The following letter written by her in 1421-2 is extant. The William Troutbeck there referred to was the grandfather of the William Troutbeck mentioned later.

"The letter is as follows:
'The Duchuse of Norff.

'Right dere and well beloved, we grete you well, and alsmycull as we have given under oure great seale of armes, unto oure servante Norman Babyngton, and Margaret his wife, and unto the heires of Norman, the third part of the manoirs of Staune Dunham and Troughford, with the app' tenuz, of which, William Troutbeck holds of us the third part t' me of his life yielding to us yerely a certayne rent, as the said William Troutbeck can declare you more pleyneley, we pray you with all oure hert, that ye make fine to be rered before you of the third part of the ad manoirs, and also of the third part of the ferme, the which the ad Troutbeck yeilds to us and oure sisters, unto the heres of Norman, and with warrantie, writen under oure greate seale at Annesley, xx May (1421-1422).

'To oure dere and right well beloved Peirs of Poole, Justice of Chester.'

"Seal of arms two and a half inches in diameter, bearing arms of England, with a label of three points impaling a shield blazoned, quarterly, 1st and 4th, checquey, 2nd and 3d, a lion rampant, Circumscriberd: 'x Sigillum d'ni Elizabeth ... Norforthie : comitisse : marchli : .. redby : de Knapp .. (Hist. Ches. Ormerod.)

"By her 3d husband, Sir Robert Goushill, Knight:
Joan Goushill, d. and heiress, of whom presently."

" ( :

ELIZABETH FITZ-ALAN: Elizabeth was the eldest daughter of Richard Fitz-Alan the 11th Earl of Arundel and his wife Elizabeth de Bohun. Both the Fitz-Alan and Bohun family lines were among the highest in the peerage of medieval England. Elizabeth Fitz-Alan had a double line of direct descent from the Plantagenet Kings of England. Through her mother's Bohun line she was a direct descendant of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, and through her Fitz-Alan ancestry a direct descendant of King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. She was also related by cousinship to both King Henry IV and to his first wife Mary Bohun. Elizabeth was born before 1372, (in 1415 she was given as aged 40 or more), and a best estimate would be closer to 1367. By December of 1378 she would be married to her first husband William de Montagu, son of the Earl of Salisbury. This marriage for Elizabeth would certainly have been in her childhood. William de Montagu was killed in a tilting match at Windsor in 1382. Elizabeth Fitz-Alan would marry as her 2nd husband Thomas Mowbray, the Earl of Nottingham and later the Duke of Norfolk, in July of 1384. This marriage would last for 15 years until Thomas Mowbray's death in Venice on September 22, 1399. Elizabeth would have 2 sons and 2 daughters during her marriage with Thomas Mowbray. The sons were Thomas Mowbray 1385-1405 and John Mowbray 1390-1432, (both of these sons would assume the title Earl of Nottingham), the 2 daughters were Margaret who married Sir Robert Howard, and Isabel who married Henry Ferrers. In 1397 Thomas Mowbray was among those who accused and condemed Elizabeth's father Richard Fitz-Alan, the Earl of Arundel. Richard Fitz-Alan was found guilty of treason and be-headed at Cheapside on September 21, 1397. One apocryphal rumor even had Thomas Mowbray as the actual executioner of his father-in-law Richard Fitz-Alan. The now twice widowed Duchess of Norfolk would next marry Sir Robert Goushill as previously discussed in length. After the death of Sir Robert Goushill at Shrewsbury in 1403, she would marry Sir Gerald Usflete of Yorkshire as her fourth husband before April 18, 1411. Sir Gerald Usflete was the steward of the Duchy of Lancaster in Lincolnshire. Elizabeth Fitz-Alan would become a co-heiress of her brother Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, in 1415. (Thomas had died sans progeny on October 13, 1415, and his sisters had become his heirs). Sir Gerald Usflete died by Feb. 1420/21, having written his will on September 13, 1420. No children were born to Elizabeth Fitz-Alan and Gerald Usflete.

Elizabeth Fitz-Alan would live on after the death of her fourth husband Gerald Usflete until her own death on July 8, 1425. It is believed that she returned to Hoveringham in her final years. Born in the reign of King Edward III, she would live through the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, and into the reign of Henry VI. Through blood and marriage, Elizabeth Fitz-Alan would be closely touched by nearly all of the events in this period of turbulence, violence, and political turmoil in English history.


From Archæologia Cambrensis, Vol. VII, 6th Series, 1907, pp. 16-17:

"...As Thomas Earl of Arundel died without heirs male surviving, his estates were divided, subject to the aforesaid dower, among his three sisters, or among their children or grandchildren in right of them. These sisters were Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; Joan, wife of William Beauchamp, Lord Abergavenny; and Margaret, wife of Sir Roland Lenthall, knight, all of whom were still living on the 20th July, 1416. The inheritors of the three portions after the death of the Countess Beatrix [25 October 1447] were (1) John Mowbray, son of Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; (2) Elizabeth, wife of Sir Edward Neville, and daughter of Richard, Earl of Worcester, who was the son of Joan, Lady Abergavenny; and (3) Edmund, son of Sir Roland and Margaret Lenthall."

  Birth Notes:

Glenda Turcks has b. 8 Jul 1379.

Wikipedia or some other source has abt 1366 in Derbyshire, England.

Reifsnyder-Gillam Ancestry, Edited by Thomas Allen Glenn at the request of Howard Reifsnyder, privately printed, Philadelphia, 1902, provided by, p. 51 has b. 1376.

  Noted events in her life were:

• Granted: the remaining goods of the late Duke of Norfolk by King Henry IV, 23 Feb 1400.

Elizabeth married Sir William de Montacute, son of William Montacute 2nd Earl of Salisbury and Unknown. (Sir William de Montacute was born about 1360 and died on 6 Aug 1383.)

Elizabeth next married Sir Thomas de Mowbray 6th Lord Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, son of John de Mowbray 4th Lord Mowbray and Elizabeth de Segrave 5th Baroness Segrave, in Jul 1384. (Sir Thomas de Mowbray 6th Lord Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk was born on 22 Mar 1366 and died on 22 Sep 1399 in Venice, Italy.)

Elizabeth next married Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham, Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor, son of Sir Nicholas Goushill of Hoveringham and Unknown, before 19 Aug 1401. (Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham, Lord of Hault Hucknall Manor was born about 1363 in <Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England> and died before 1414 in <Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, England>.)

  Marriage Notes:

Married without license. On August 19, 1401, King Henry IV seized the lands of Elizabeth, late widow of Thomas Mowbray, for marrying Robert Goushill without license. On September 28, 1401, Henry IV would pardon Robert Goushill esquire and Elizabeth, late wife of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, for their trespass for inter-marrying without license and that they shall have restitution of all lands assigned to her in dower with the issues from the time of their marriage.

Elizabeth next married Sir Gerard Usflete before 3 Jul 1414.


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2 Glenn, Thomas Allen, ed, Reifsnyder-Gillam Ancestry. (Philadelphia: (Privately Printed), 1902.), pp. 51-52.

3 Website:, (Bruce Morrison).

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