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Chief Black Fish


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1. Watmeme

Chief Black Fish 1

  • Born: 1725
  • Marriage (1): Watmeme by 1745
  • Died: 12 Oct 1779, Chillicothe, Shawnee Territory (Ohio), (United States) at age 54

   Other names for Black were Black Fish, Chief Blackfish, Chiungulla, Chiungulla "Black Fish," Mkah-day-way-may-qua, Chinugalla Blackfish, Cot-ta-wa-ma-go Blackfish, Pah Blackfish and Pah-e-a-ta-hea-se-ka Chinugalla.

  Research Notes:

Shawnee, war chief of the Chillicothe division of the Shawnee tribe.


From Shawnee Heritage I: Shawnee Genealogy and Family History by Don Greene, 2014, pp. 28-29:

115. Black Fish aka Chiungulla- Paheataheaseka-Makadaywahmayquah - Chalakatha-Mekoche born about 1725 PA-killed 1779 KY - son of Chalakatha Chief/05 & Mother of Black Fish/10-Mekoche, raised Chalakatha by father's family after father's death 1739, Cornstalk War/55-77, French-Indian War/54-63, Braddock/55, raiding New-Shenandoah River valleys/55, raiding Ohio-New River valleys/58, Pontiac War/62-66, Bushy Run/63, raiding Greenbrier-Jackson River valleys/63, Grand Council 1763, raiding Ohio-Big Sandy-Little Kanawha-New River valleys/72, Point Pleasant/74, succeeded Cornstalk as Head Chief of Chalakatha & All Shawnee in 1777, led 300+ warriors at Point Pleasant/78 with Half King-Wyandot, Boonesboro/78, killed in KY raid/79, step-half-brother (through marriage of his Mother/10 to Pride Opessa/10 who was also married to Rising Sun/15) of Blue Jacket/35, was referred to as the uncle of Tecumseh/68), husband 1745 OH of Watmeme Opessa/30-Pekowi, father with Watmeme of Chinwa/46, Black Fish (2)-Young Black Fish (1)/48, Pimegeezhigoqua/52, Black Fish (3)-Young Black Fish (2)/54, Parlie/56, Lamateshe/58 & Cheletha/60-all Chalakatha-Mekoche-Pekowi, adopted father 1778 & father in law of Capt. Joseph Duquesne/50-adopted-1/2 Pekowi-Wyandot-Metis, Lewis Rogers/50-white & Henry Rogers/55-white, adopted father of William Jackson-Fish/70-white & Stephen Ruddle-Big Fish/68-white


From Don Greene's later book Shawnee Heritage II: Select Lineages of Notable Shawnee, 2014, pp. 325-326:

Black Fish/1725

Black Fish aka Chiungulla-Cheeoongoola-Paheataheaseka-Makadaywahmayquah - Chalakatha-Mekoche born about 1725 PA killed 1779 KY - son of Fish Clan Chief/1705-Chalakatha & Sister of Muluntha/1710-Mekoche, raised by extended Chalakatha family after father's death 1739, moved to Lower Shawnee Town OH 1744 with Peter Chartier group, may have moved to Winchester KY 1745 with Chartier, returned to OH 1746, Cornstalk War/1755-77, a Chalakatha Chief in OH 1763, Grand Council 1763, succeeded Cornstalk as Head Chief of Chalakatha & All Shawnee in 1777, led 300+ warriors at Point Pleasant/1778 with Dewentatee-Half King/1730-Wyandot killed in KY raid/1779, step-half-brother of Blue Jacket/1735 (through marriage of his Mother/1710 to Pride Opessa/1710 who was also married to Sarah Rising Sun/1715 the mother of Blue Jacket), was referred to as the uncle of Tecumseh/1768), brother in law of Isadore Chesne/1735-(they married sisters), husband 1745 OH (before move to KY) of Watmeme Opessa/1730-Pekowi, father with Watmeme of sons Chinwa/1746, Young Black Fish (1)/1748, daughter Pimegeezhigoqua/1752, son Young Black Fish (2)/1754, daughters Parlie/1756, Lamateshe/1758 & Cheletha/1760-all Chalakatha-Mekoche-Pekowi, adopted father about 1770 of William Jackson-Fish/1768, adopted father & father in law 1778 of Capt. Joseph Duquesne/1756-1/2 Pekowi-Wyandot-Metis


From Wikipedia - Chief Blackfish :

Blackfish (c. 1729 -1779 ), known in his native tongue as Cot-ta-wa-ma-go or Mkah-day-way-may-qua, was a Native American leader, war chief of the Chillicothe division of the Shawnee tribe. Little is known about him, since he only appears in written historical records during the last three years of his life, primarily because of his interactions with the famous American frontiersmen Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton .

When the Shawnees were defeated by Virginia in Dunmore's War in 1774, the resulting peace treaty made the Ohio River the boundary between western Virginia (what is now Kentucky and West Virginia ) and American Indian lands in the Ohio Country . Although this treaty was agreed to by Shawnee leaders such as Cornstalk , Blackfish and a number of other leaders refused to acknowledge the loss of their traditional hunting grounds in Kentucky.

Violence along the border escalated with the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. As a result, the Chillicothe Shawnees moved their town on the Scioto River further west to the Little Miami River , near what is now Xenia, Ohio . Encouraged and supplied by British officials in Detroit , Blackfish and others launched raids against American settlers in Kentucky, hoping to drive them out of the region. In revenge for the murder of Cornstalk by American militiamen in November 1777, Blackfish set out on an unexpected winter raid in Kentucky, capturing American frontiersman Daniel Boone and a number of others on the Licking River on February 7 , 1778 . Boone, respected by the Shawnees for his extraordinary hunting skills, was taken back to Chillicothe and adopted into the tribe. The traditional tale is that Boone was adopted by Blackfish himself, although historian John Sugden suggests that Boone was probably adopted by another family.

Boone escaped in June 1778 when he learned that Blackfish was launching a siege of the Kentucky settlement of Boonesborough , which commenced in September of that year. The siege of Boonesborough was unsuccessful, and the Kentuckians, led by Colonel John Bowman , counterattacked Chillicothe the following spring. This raid was also unsuccessful, but Blackfish was shot in the leg, a wound which became infected and was eventually fatal.


From :

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Black Fish aka Chiungulla - born about 1725-died 1779 KY - French-Indian War, Braddock, raiding New-Shenandoah River valleys 1755, raiding Ohio-New River valleys 1758, Pontiac War, Bushy Run, raiding Greenbrier-Jackson River valleys 1763, Grand Council 1763, raiding Ohio-Big Sandy-Little Kanawha-New River valleys 1772, Point Pleasant 1774/78, Boonesboro, succeeded Cornstalk as Head Chief, killed in KY raid, half-brother of Red Pole, husband 1745 of Watmeme-Shawnee, father of Chinwa/45, Young Blackfish/50, Parlie/55, Pimegeezhigoqua/59, Black Fish II/60, Chelatha/61, Lamatashe/65, adopted father & father in law of Capt. Joseph Duquesne/50, Lewis Rogers/50 & Henry Rogers/55, adopted father of William Jackson aka Fish/70, Stephen Ruddell aka Big Fish/68, relative of Metheotashe, Blue Jacket Blackfish, Lemateshe aka Lamateshe-Launateshe-Auqualanaux - born about 1765-died after 1800 - daughter of Watmeme & Black Fish-both Shawnee, wife 1st about 1779 of Capt. Joseph Dusquene-adopted Chippewa Metis, 2nd before 1785 of his half-brother Anthony Shane-1/2 Pekowi Shawnee-Wyandot Metis, mother with Dusquene of David Deshane/80-1/2 Shawnee-Chippewa Metis, with Shane of David Dushane/85, John Shane/90 & 2 daughters-all 3/4th Pekowi Shawnee-Wyandot Metis Blackfish, Watmeme- born about 1730-died about 1797 MO - wife by 1745 of Black Fish/25, mother of Chinwa/45, Young Black Fish/50, Parlie/55, Pimegeezhigoqua/59, Black Fish Jr/60, Chelatha/61, Lematashe/65, adopted mother & mother in law of Capt. Joseph Dusquene/50-Chippewa Metis, Henry Rogers/55-white & Lewis Rogers/50-white, adopted mother of William Jackson/60-white & Stephen Ruddell/68-white, moved to MO about 1779 with adopted son Stephen Ruddell aka Big Fish Blackfish, Young - born about 1750-died after 1794 - raiding Ohio-Little Kanawha-New-Big Sandy River valleys 1772, Point Pleasant 1774/75/78, Boonesboro, Blue Licks, raiding KY-OH-VA 1777-81, Crawford, raiding Ohio River valley 1788, Little Turtle War, relative/same clan as Tecumseh, son of Watmeme & Black Fish, adopted father of George Ash-
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  Death Notes:

May have died in Kentucky in 1779 (see notes).

  Noted events in his life were:



Black married Watmeme, daughter of Lawaquaqua Pride Opessa and Unknown, by 1745. (Watmeme was born about 1730 and died about 1797 in Missouri City, (Fort Bend), Texas, (United States) 4.)


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